What Americans Have to Look Forward to With the Biden Administration

November 7 was a joyful day for some and sad one for others when news channels and political analysts have announced Biden as the President-elect. Videos and pictures of people celebrating in the streets and bashing trump could be seen all over social media.

We can all agree that the election was intense. Biden’s victory in many states was as thin as a thread. This reveals that there is still some doubt among Americans that Biden is fit for the task of leading the country. In this article, we will discuss what Americans will gain from the Biden administration.

Minimum Wage

During his campaign, Biden shared his interest in increasing the minimum wage in America to $15 per hour. He expressed his disdain with the existing $6, $7, and $8 that some Americans are earning per hour. According to Biden, any hourly wage below $15 puts you below the poverty line.

Trump preferred to leave this decision to individual states. He did mention that he would give consideration to possibly raising the minimum wage to $15. Trump’s approach took into consideration the fact that different states have different standards of living. He also believed that raising the minimum wage to $15 could cause many small businesses to go under.

Climate Change

Joe Biden has made it clear that he takes climate change seriously. Environmentally conscious Americans are extremely happy about this. They believe that Trump did not do enough to protect the environment and coin or maintain policies that would protect the environment.

Biden plans to make climate change a national priority. He intends to take executive action as soon as he gets in office to reduce emissions and invest in efforts to address the impact of a warmer planet. Biden also desires to reestablish America as a global leader in effective climate and environmental policy.

Biden intends to invest $2 trillion in clean energy and climate research and innovation. These decisions have been questioned in terms of the economic impact it will have on America, but there are other Americans who believe that no amount is too much to protect the planet on which we all live.


Biden’s tax decisions have been criticized by many who stand to be affected directly. His plan is to raise taxes that people earning more than $400,000 would normally pay. The tax that this group will now pay will return to what it was before Trump lowered it. Biden also intends to phase out itemized deductions at incomes of $400,000.

Incomes above $1 million would also have to pay the ordinary rates on capital gains and dividend income. Corporate tax under Biden will also move from 21% to 28%. There are also other charges that Biden will introduce or restore.

Trump had plans to further cut taxes. Biden justifies his decision to say that those who earn more should help more. In a nutshell, high-income earners will be paying much higher tax rates than other Americans under Biden.

Race Relations

This election fell in a year filled with racial tension. Many believe that Biden did a great job at rallying minority groups such as blacks and Latinos to vote him into power. Those who are familiar with political history find this very ironic given Biden’s statements and decisions in the past that hindered the progress of blacks and other minority groups.

Biden once went on record to say that “You got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” This statement was made to describe Obama. Many members of the black community took great offence to this statement.

Joe Biden was against busing students to school to desegregate schools. He also stood against policies that would improve black education in America. Biden was also firmly behind many crime bills that led to the detainment of many blacks across America. These crime bills were extremely racist because they directly increased the likelihood of minority groups being locked away in prison for lengthy sentences.

While Biden has recently denounced much of what he has done and said against black people, many are still wondering if he is a racist pretending to support the black community. Of course, in selecting Kamala Harris to be his Vice President, many have come to forgive Biden of his past.

He has promised to fight systemic racism and bring about more equality in America. Some believe that Trump caused the racial climate in America to worsen. Many are hoping that Biden will make good on his promise to make racial relations better in America.

Final Thoughts

Politics is an interesting thing to watch. Biden has definitely established himself as a politically correct candidate. This has helped him to win the hearts of Americans who have long been fearful of the blunt and politically incorrect actions of President Trump.

While no one can give a true assessment of Biden’s administration given that it is still early days, America is divided on the subject. Some believe strongly that Biden will bring about great changes while some prefer the policies and approach of President Donald Trump.

We will have to wait to see if Joe Biden’s Administration was the right choice for America. According to the Constitution of the United States, Joe Biden will officially become president on January 20, 2021 at noon. From this point on, many Americans will be looking on to see if Joe Biden will be faithful to what he promised.

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