Adaptive Clothing and Its Benefits for Differently-Abled Individuals

Many of us take for granted the simplest things in life, like getting dressed. For most of us, putting on clothes is something we learned to do from a young age and can do it without thinking (even with our eyes closed!). But for others, including seniors and disabled individuals, getting dressed is one of the greatest challenges they face each day.

This challenge has been gaining attention from clothing designers and manufacturers and has led to the creation of adaptive clothing. Here’s more insight on how adaptive clothing is changing the lives of differently-abled individuals.

What is Adaptive Clothing and Who Is It For?

Adaptive clothing options are innovatively designed to make putting them on easier for the wearer and their caregivers. The goal is to allow individuals the ease and freedom of dressing themselves, even if dressing is something they typically struggle with.

For example, instead of buttons, shoelaces, or buckles, adaptive clothing may use Velcro, elastic, or larger openings that make it easy to slide on clothing. Zippers and snaps are replaced with other means of fastening, while clothing is made to feel more comfortable and allow for range of motion.

The Benefits of Adapting Clothing

Anyone with a physical limitation can benefit from switching to adaptive clothing. For starters, it puts the power of dressing back into their hands. Many can enjoy more freedom in taking care of themselves instead of having to rely on someone else’s help. This greater feeling of independence can help individuals feel happier and more empowered in their lives and increase their livelihood.

In some cases, individuals will still need assistance with adaptive clothing. However, the ease of use can simplify the chore of dressing and make it less time-consuming for wearers and their caregivers.

What’s more, seniors and those with disabilities aren’t the only ones who can benefit from adaptive clothing. Anyone that finds conventional clothing too restrictive or cumbersome can benefit from the simplistic and thoughtful designs of adaptive clothing. For example, medical professionals enjoy wearing adaptive pieces, citing it reduces their risk of on-the-job injury and can even make them more efficient in their work.

Where to Find Adaptive Clothing

The concept of adaptive clothing isn’t new, and it continues to gain steam across some of the biggest clothing brands in the industry. From belts to blankets, shoes to shirts, adaptive clothing has taken on a wide range of products.

We’ve made it our mission to source, test, and review the best adaptive clothing brands and items that will make lives easier. Gloriiiluxe-adaptive is dedicated solely to adaptive clothing items and accessories, so start your search there.

Zappos has curated an entire product line dedicated to adaptive clothing designs, called Zappos Adaptive. Nike and Tommy Hilfiger have also taken up the cause. Big marketplace corporations like Amazon and Walmart also offer adaptive style options.

If you prefer to take on the role of designer, you can also find patterns online that will allow you to sew your own adaptive clothing. This can be an excellent way to create a special one-of-a-kind gift for someone special in your life.

Final Thoughts

Adaptive clothing has been life changing for its wearers and their caregivers. Empowering someone with something as simple as dressing can be a step in the right direction to helping them live a higher quality of life.

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