Greenwood Dist. and Black Business in a Box: Black Clothing and Entrepreneurship

As the world acknowledges the presence of the Coronavirus pandemic, much of it is trying to sweep another pandemic under the rug. This ignored pandemic is that of racial injustice. In addressing the systematic racism that is faced by African Americans, many have come to the realization that one of the tools that the black community should use to uplift blacks is black entrepreneurship. Two incredible businesses that are representing the black community well are Greenwood Dist. and Black Business in a Box.

Greenwood Dist. Was launched with the mission of celebrating black excellence and the black experience. The brand seeks to achieve this through the creation and distribution of high-quality clothing that communicates the values of the black community.

Ladies' Respect Your Mother

The company’s name, Greenwood District, is based on a community in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that once had the highest concentration of African American businesses in the United States. This was burnt to the ground during the Tulsa race massacre of 1921. During this massacre, white people killed as many as 300 blacks. The Greenwood District community represented the fact that black people could own businesses and actually have a voice in the industries that we tend to spend much of our money.

Greenwood Dist. offers incredible clothing for men and women. You can also find high-quality hoodies that are extremely comfortable on their website.

Black Business in a Box is one of the leading providers of high-quality, profitable turnkey dropshipping websites. This company helps clients to start their eCommerce venture and position their business for success. Black Business in a Box guides their clients through the entire process. They walk you through selecting a viable niche, securing quality and reliable suppliers, and establishing your dropshipping website to optimize your online store.

Empowered Hoodie

The vision of Black Business in a Box is to show new entrepreneurs around the world that with the right strategies and tools they can be successful at online dropshipping. The benefits of working with Black Business in a Box include:
No Inventory Risk: you will not need to spend loads of money upfront to secure inventory. With the help of Black Business in a Box, you will be able to secure and sell millions of products across different categories.

Sell Products with Ease: With a single click, you will be able to fill your orders. The premade dropshipping websites that Black Business in a Box offer are synced with Shopify.

Ladies' Queen Harriet

No Additional Cost When You Decide to Expand Your Offerings: You are able to add as many products to your eCommerce store with dropshipping without spending a dollar more.

You have always wanted to get involved in entrepreneurship and now is the time. Whether you are interested in launching a beauty supply store, a phone case business, an electronics store or a pet accessories business, Black Business in a Box has a pre-made website just for you.

Support black businesses and purchase clothing from Greenwood Dist. The messages that their shirts feature are uplifting and will speak for you as you represent black people on a daily basis. Not looking for clothing? Consider starting a dropshipping business with one of Black Business in a Box’s premade eCommerce websites.

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